Lots of blobs

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After an exciting day yesterday of training I managed to do some modelling. I’ve cut out tonnes of blobs and one more session should see me ready to paint. 

AK Parcel

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This parcel came about ten days ago from HobbyEasy. It contained 2 of the new diorama bottles from AK. I have only opened the asphalt one which looks good but has a strong of PVA glue.

The two Plus Models boxes are for a diorama due to get started one day !

Let there be light

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After some misadventures I now have a good light from IKEA. Along with my magnifying lamp i have plenty of light for my eyes as they get a bit older.

BV 178 back again

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Now my bench setup is working better some modelling is getting done. I completed the canopy masking last night which is always a slow process. The 90 odd patches over the RLM 75 have been started. The blown up instructions were covered by clear packing tape amd then Tamiya masking tape per a friends advice. I finally used the tool I bought in Telford last year to cut out the tape in those strange shapes. I don’t have to be 100% accurate as it is Luft46 anyway.

Like Buses

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  1. Ok my posts are probably like buses, you wait for ages then three come along.
  2. So here’s a few photos of the bv p178. The rlm 75 from Aeromaster  is now on. The instructions have been blown up by 220% to be able to cut out the masks. Poor lighting means I will be doing the canopy tomorrowAnd something silly to finish off with.

Model Collect Part 2

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And lastly the V1 which includes a bonus Rheintochter

I have added in a brass engine intake from another kit so far.

Photos on this soon 

Model Collect

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What follows is some shots of the 4 kits I received recently via HobbyEasy. The subjects are great W46 to complement my L46 interest.

Having started the V1 launcher kit I can say the kit is very high in terms of sprue gates. The plastic is soft but also brittle. Having used my sprue cutters in cutting out the V1 parts I would recommend cutting a lot further out than normal the cleaning up with a scalpel. Otherwise you will end up lots of holes to fill.

On the whole the kit is good so far . I am looking forward to seeing how it looks further down the line.

This V1 launch site is great. There was one in 1.35 from a UK company in resin but way too pricey for me. Mach 2 did  a variant of this in 1.72 but it was Mach 2 quality though.

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